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Since the origin of civilization have been used to improve products diseases that attack the human species, source: animal, vegetable and mineral. In the early days they handled the drugs were doctors and pharmacists. It’s in the Middle Ages where it separates the medical pharmaceutical activity.
How you prepare, dispense and administer drugs called Galénica, which comes from the Greek Galen (130-200). We all know that a drug goes through several stages: I, II, III, IV drug development. The period of patent protection (20 years) begins when you register (10 years later) with a limited period to recover costs and make a profit.
The life of a drug was introduced by Theodore Levitt, with the article «Marketing Imagination» (1965) published in the Harvard Business Review. It has several phases: gestation, birth, growth, maturity, old age and death, as all living things.
A drug is a social (health) and industrial goods (production). In the decade of the 90s, he joined the pharmacoeconomics applying economics to medicine. Today is a complex market: innovation is like the computer market, diversity is like the food market in sales as the market is armamento.Because a short life that are taking drugs with generic output, the penetration rate of a drug on the market today determines the success of the drug.
For a health visitor, it is important for a drug:

  • pathology,
  • therapeutic efficacy,
  • mechanism of action,
  • safety and dosage,
  • not to mention patient education and physician training.
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