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Today July 4 Independence Day

Independence meant the thirteen colonies fully developed, so that, in 1775; they had 2.5 million inhabitants, in 1817 they had grown to 8.5 million. Independence Day is celebrated in every city in the country. It commemeorates the U.S. independence fron the British Empire, which ocurred in 1776.

Beginning in the 17th century, British setterls, for economic and religious interests, settled in North America. Several migrations were carried out and colonies were created. The first was in Virginia in 1607 and the last in Georgia in 1732.

The 5 innovate factors that contributed to independence:

  1. Economic development: The Thirteen Colonies grew economically thanks to the cotton plantations in the south the textile industries in the north.
  2. Expansion of the enligtened ideas in front of the monarchical ones.
  3. Setterls convene the Philadelphia Congress, which liad the foundation for the independent state.
  4. Creation of an Army led by George Washington.
  5. Drafting of a Constitution Ilustrated by Thomas Jefferson.

In the 18th century there were thirteen British colonies in North America on the east coast, with some two million inhabitants. Thirteen Colonies with the Declaration of independence became the Unitet States of America on July 4, 1776. France recognized the independence of the United States and won the support of Spain. The first president was George Washington.


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